Wednesday, November 11, 2009

We Salute All Our Veterans Today! 11/11/09

Today I viewed a few video clips on YouTube on tributes for our Veterans, and although I'd love to post them all, I found one that moved me more than images of war or death as a reminder of our Veterans. The rugged voice of Johnny Cash in this clip has an imagination of its own and the way he tells his stories takes you to another place. Please take a moment of silence and remember our Veterans for what they've done for all of us. I ask that you close your eyes while you play this and listen to Cash's story telling voice as he sings "Ragged Old Flag".

I played this over and over... amazing tribute.

Clint Hester Pro MMA And Boxer

My buddy Clint "The Head Bussa" Hester will be fighting this Friday Night at Center State Theater in Atlanta! Unfortunately for me I wont be here to shoot his fight so I've left it up to my good friend Jairo to shoot it. He got a couple good shots when he assisted me on the Wanderlei Silva shoot on Oct. 31st. So I leave it to him to capture some good ones for X3Sports and Hester. Its not common for me to miss out on great fights but the Blue Angels where on my calendar since the beginning of the season so I'm off to Pensacola, Fl this weekend. But I promised Clint that if he brings home a win that I will be there for his final heads up tournament no matter what. Gee I hope he wins, shooting his fights can be very intense and exciting! I'm already getting jealous. That o.k. Florida sounds great to me right now too!

Fox News/Is Sammy Sosa The New Michael Jackson?

"Say it ain't so Sammy..."
ORLANDO — Baseball slugger Sammy Sosa is sporting a much lighter skin tone these days. Click on the Sammy for more detail...

Watching the news today I saw Sammys' mug shot on T.V and had to take a double look. I then search his story on Fox News to read more about this crazy look he's got going on.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Great Moment In Sports

I'm not posting this because I'm a fan of the Yankees.. I'm a fan of great moments captured.

Sports Illustrated photographer Nick Laham, captured this great shot of the New York Yankees celebrating their World Series Win over the Philadelphia Phillies.

None Stop Training...

Everyday I'm at X3Sports Gym documenting the training for their promotional video in the works.
Here is Tony, trainer, instructing Dave to strike down while on top of his opponent.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Finger Salute...

Marine bomb expert Sgt. Michael Burghardt, shaken but not deterred by IED Land mine.

Photo taken by Jeff Bundy, after blast has become symbol of resolve... great story behind the image. READ HERE for entire story not one to pass up.

Creatures Of Destruction/Art Show...Free!

A good friend of mine Shane Harrison is hosting an Art Show locally at The Discover Mill Mall...
On Friday The 13th!!!!

Awesome opportunity to share your work if interested CLICK HERE!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

On The Wall

Its finally over... well almost. Today, my former graduates and I, tore down our framed prints from our portfolio gallery at the Art Station and re-hung them at our graduating school, Gwinnett Technical College.
These images will be in displayed at our school's hall ways for the next year until the class under us, now considered "upper class," graduate and hang their portfolio prints in November 2010. Please visit my portfolio website to see the rest of my portfolio images and what I'm up to currently. We welcome you to stroll our hall ways and be amazed by all the images, created by an outstanding group of talented individuals.
Inspired By My Love
I am so glad that we (our class) as whole, voted to print large and though some felt hesitant about printing large (17x22), I will have to admit that all images held up to the larger print size. In fact they' re all awesome!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Exploring Underwater Photography With Wayne Levin

Wow wouldn't like to experience the imagination of the deep with Wayne Levin.

Photographer With The Plan/Eric Cheng

Eric Cheng is the editor and publisher of, the premiere online community for underwater photographers. Hosting thousands registered underwater photographers internationally, Wetpixel's friendly community offers breaking news, reviews, features, community forums, image galleries, photo contests, photo expeditions, and more.

In 2007, Eric and co-editor Elijah Woolery launched Wetpixel Quarterly, a landscape print magazine featuring the best in underwater photography. In both online and print endeavors, Eric strives to provides a forum for photographers to share their work and discuss ocean-related issues, and in turn, educate viewers about the beauty and fragility of the marine ecosystem.
WOW my new hero! This would be the career I've imagined doing and simply loving every day! Check out more of Eric Cheng's images on Flickr.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Return Of The Blue Angels

During the summer I traveled down to Pensacola Beach, Florida with some friends I met during my internship to spend the weekend photographing the incredible Blue Angels. Well the time has come again for another and Final Blue Angel Air Show for the year!
Blue Angels Over Pensacola Beach

I will be heading down again to see them perform for their Home Coming Show in just less than two weeks! I can't wait.

Reflections of Autumn

There's nothing more peaceful than to sit and soak in the natural beauty. What an opportunity to capture this sunset over Berkley Lake in Duluth.
Berkley Lake Reflection
I grew up around this area as a young kid and remembered how beautiful it is here.

Deelite Photography

Photo of my wife Shiloh taken by Deelite Since Shiloh moved to Atlanta in 2004, she has been collaborating with a great fashion photographer, and one of Atlanta's best Deelite check out his work here It has been a pleasure of mine to follow his work, and see him grow.... now you can too!


A treat for those MMA fans! Experience a true "David Vs Goliath" event an astronomical weight difference. You must see to believe!

This goes to show you that experience and training will win over "brute" size/force 99.99% of the time! Go "Minotauro!!"

The Great Wanderlei "The Axe Murderer" Silva!

After working all day at X3Sports, Jairo and I finally got a chance to take a picture with The Great Wanderlei Silva. While recording his Seminar on Saturday, I had a chance to learn a great deal from his training and also hear a few of his stories about self control when people try to get the best of you. Wanderlei is an amazing and vicious fighter in the cage. An opponent you don't want to face. He expressed how he came from nothing and made a champ of himself, with fans and followers from all over the world. View his current stats and fight clips by clicking on the picture.

What A Day..

After parting last night at a fun & crazzzzy Halloween party... which I had to keep it within the limit, because for today... Saturday Oct.31st, I shot video continuously for three hours while Jairo Romero shot stills. I needed to stay focus & not worry about having a hangover and wanting to sleep all day. I am very excited for this opportunity for it will be my first paid job since the Portfolio Show. It will also be my first Multi-Media paid project. Funny how that works. I figured I would get hired for portraits or something else but I guess with the huge explosion for Multi-Media, everyone wants to have one to represent them. Well, X3Sports asked me about video capability and I said no problem! And so they hired me to work side-by-side with them to create a Promotional video to attract new Sponsors and big name fighters like Wanderlei Silva to support there huge demand for Mixed Martial Arts, Boxing, and Personal Training in there two growing locations. All this week I will be working at both locations getting video and stills of their facility to demonstrate what they can offer their new clients. Well wish me luck I will be staying busy for a goood long minute.

Friday, October 30, 2009

X3Sports Hosts Wanderlei Silva

X3 Sports hosts exclusive Wanderlei Silva MMA seminar on Saturday, Oct 31. Come Learn from one of the best MMA fighter's in History!

X3 Sports will be hosting a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn from one of the best and most experienced MMA fighters ever. Wanderlei will be demonstrating MMA techniques and strategies that are used by the top fighters in the UFC. I was asked to come in and document the seminar! This is definitely a big step for me to explore future projects. This type of project requires additional assistance and attention. So I've asked Jairo Romero, who has worked with me and like wise with different projects, to join me and help document. This is perfect! Two 5Ds working together and recording different aspects of the seminar. There will be other opportunities where I'll need more assistance. They've asked me to work with them for another video documentary with local fighters. I will post more info as soon as I know more about them.

A Shoot For A Friend...

On Thursday I did a favor for my hair stylist Nancy Nee. (which she doesn't have to do much work) She needed some nice hair shots for an entry to The Runway Reinvention Contest.
Madison Look 3
It was a shoot at a moments notice. Very cool! I really like a challenge and use light gear. A flash and one or two lenses. I will tell you that this is really not my area of expertise but I felt good with what came out. I hope Nancy likes them.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

10 Ways to Improve Your Photography Without Buying Gear

I know for most new armature and inspired photographers feel that starting photography, weather it be for a hobby or taking quick pics of the kids playing soccer, or even for school requirement, may be a bit overwhelming with all the latest gear and lenses. Its too much to soak in. I know for me, it was insane with the prices for the gear I wanted to have. Over time I have been able to afford and get the gear I really need for my specific interest. I found this article and photo posted by Scott Bourne on Photo Focus to be very informative and encouraging to know that we as photographers can't have complete control over everything, although we try. This image illustrate that you can be creative with the gear you may have. Its not in the lens or camera's new features that make an image, we may think so, but some times we need to consider thinking outside the box. My favorite suggestion on his list is number six. Very true even in myself. Two years have passed since I started with my Commercial Photography Program and I take better and more consistent pictures than I ever have, even as far back when I first pick up my dad's Canon AE-1 Program camera back in 1997.
I find myself working harder just trying to get sharper with my shooting and to me that's what is all about... keep shooting, evolve your style and principles.